Understanding Genetic Testing


Is your child being protected from malnourished genetic mutations?

Do you have the necessary information to ensure your child is eating the right foods?

Protection and Optimal Functioning through Genetic Testing

Genes contain information that provides direction to our cells. Our food and natural supplements provide nourishment to our genes so they can perform the functions they were designed to perform – to keep us healthy and functioning at peak performance.

When our genes do not receive the necessary nourishment, they act poorly leading to dysfunctions such as depression, anxiety, ADD, low energy, poor sleep, and a myriad of poor health conditions.  

Nutrigenomics is the study of how the food we eat affect our genes and how, in return, genetic variations affect the way we react to the nutrients in our food. If a gene is mutated, it can cause information dysfunction — until this information is corrected by the proper nourishment.

Reliable, scientifically based information. Nutrigenomics is giving us more reliable and individualized information on what nutrients should be provided by the foods we eat based on each person’s unique genetic profile. This scientific approach to nutrition helps doctors and nutritionists to more accurately recommend individualized diet plans by reducing the guesswork of what is needed to nourish specific genes.

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Purser have worked diligently to take the guesswork out of elaborate biochemical pathways that are governed in part by our unique genetic makeup. Their Nutrigenomic test analysis offers a scientific basis for nutrition and supplement recommendations.