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How to Survive in our Toxic Environment. "Toxins damage every aspect of our physiological function and play a role in virtually all diseases." The Toxin Solution, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno A recent article in Parenting Magazine, by Kimberly Hiss, offered some excellent tips...

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Energy and Genetics

Genetics and Energy By Mike Clark, PhD, MBA, JD, ABHRT, FAARM "Any form of life that can’t generate its own energy is essentially dead. There is no life without energy." Our body needs energy to perform and to survive. How this energy is used and produced is essential...

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Let’s Talk About ADD!

The Emotional Toll of Childhood and Adult ADD Note: The terms ADD and ADHD are used interchangeably in this article.  It’s the beginning of the school year, the time when many children are identified by their teachers, correctly or not, as having symptoms of ADD....

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